What can the rustic oak house offer?

 The rustic oak house

The adaptation of the rustic house has recently been finished. The house consists of wooden and stony elements that are over a hundred and fifty years old (this includes the built-in bricks and tiles). The house is a triplex object with all the elements of a modern residential house with an electrical connection, its own cesspool, natural water spring, a living room and a kitchen with a dining room (50 m2), bedrooms and a basement of the same size as the living room (each floor has a bathroom).

The balcony covers 40 m2 and it has a built-in grill. There is a covered working area in front of the basement that covers 40 m2 and has an even larger built-in grill. Every room is connected to the chimney, and the living room has a built-in fireplace. Stairs, the railing on the balcony and all of the benches are made of old oak. The floors on the ground floor (living room) and the first floor (bedroom) are covered in rustic oak. An orchard, a vegetable garden, the Korana River and a charming waterfall are all part of the view visible from the house balcony.

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