Everybody has their own image of an ideal holiday and that is why you can enjoy this estate with all it has to offer. Most of us are tired of the same old “framed vacations” via tourist agencies. On one hand, we would like to have a schedule during our stay in a foreign country, but on the other hand, sometimes we like to be surprised. Since tourism and travelling is a growing industry, there is a sense of ordinariness that can accompany us during our vacation. The word exclusive is often used far too easily to describe a destination. But this property is truly unique and has a lot to offer. Croatia is renowned for its diversity and it is much more than a postcard image of Dubrovnik. Having said that, this estate reflects a perfect picture of continental Croatia.

An exclusive house that is isolated well enough for peace and comfort. The estate stretches over 100,000m2 and is ideal for activities such as hunting, fishing, trekking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and other outdoor activities. Much more than that, the wider area of the estate provides even a larger number of activities (the vicinity of Plitvice Lakes National Park and the town of Karlovac), so you can plan for every day of your stay in advance if you want to. Whether you are an outgoing person or you rather enjoy a quiet afternoon with your loved ones, the estate has more than enough content to satisfy the most choosy individual because the wider position of the estate, as well as the contents within the estate, can be tailored to anyone’s needs.

The estate is in direct contact with the Korana River and the balcony has a fantastic view of the river and a waterfall. Blending a retro look with all the necessary modern requirements, the house is in an ideal mix of two worlds. The house is unique since the used building material consists of old oak, old bricks, old roofing tile and stone for lining. The house was built from old oak elements of two smaller dismantled houses. The three-storey house that consists of a basement and two floors that cover 50m2 each was coated with the latest modern insulation materials such as rock-wool. A spring with clean drinking water is situated near the house, which is directly connected with the house’s kitchen. A large 50m3 tank which gathers rainwater is also an option.

A large area of the estate is covered by a forest. There is a hunting blind which could be used by guests. Heating is provided in the form of wood and electricity. The living room has a large open fireplace and every room in the house has a tile stove, and with the modern insulation the temperature is optimally preserved.

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